Harford County DUI – aggressive policing coming your way

August 6, 2012 No Comments by KurtNachtman

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Coming soon to the Bel Air bypass near you…

Harford County DUI – aggressive policing coming your way

Don’t say that ENlawyers‘ didn’t warn you.  Coming very soon to Rt. 1, Rt. 24, and all other major Harford County roadways: “aggressive” traffic enforcement.  As a Harford County DUI and traffic lawyer that essentially is good news for me and bad news for you.  Unfortunately, ENlawyers work generally comes at the price of good citizens being pulled over in speed traps, DUI checkpoints, license checks, and other forms of aggressive traffic enforcement.  Obviously Sheriff Bane is well intentioned and interested in reducing the number of serious accidents on the Bel Air bypass, the method is wrong.  The bypass should be reconstructed to reduce speed and to reduce fatalities.  But why do that, when a few more speeding tickets and a Harford County DUI here and there raises revenue for the government?

Harford County DUI – aggressive policing coming your way


Here are some excerpts from the Aegis…

Although Harford County is considered the fifth safest county in the state in terms of crime, the same cannot be said for safety on its highways.

At a town hall meeting at the Darlington Volunteer Fire Company hall Saturday morning, Harford County Sheriff Jesse Bane told more than 100 citizens in attendance that his agency will be focusing on more traffic law enforcement in the coming weeks because of the high number of fatal accidents

Last year, the county had the fifth highest number of fatalities in the state and is tied for fourth place this year, Bane said.

The Sheriff’s Office is holding town hall meetings every quarter in different areas of the county to discuss crime trends and hear community concerns. Spokesperson Monica Worrell said 103 citizens attended Saturday’s meeting in Darlington, which she said was an excellent turnout.

Harford County DUI: The bottom line

Obviously safety is a priority, but an additional benefit of extra enforcement is added revenue to the Harford County coffers during a cash strapped time.  Be on the lookout for those flashing red lights in your rear view mirror soon.  As always, if you find yourself in a pinch, be sure to contact your favorite Harford County DUI lawyer.