First time Harford County DUI: Why do I need a Harford County DUI lawyer?

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Many clients don’t want to go to the expense of hiring a Harford County DUI lawyer OR think that they will automatically be given a PBJ for their first time Harford County DUI offense (this includes other non- DUI lawyers). This line of thinking is misguided. We hear this all the time from clients who are charged with their first time Harford County DUI. Or we will hear that they went to their family’s lawyer who practices trusts and estates law or business securites law or tax law; and that Harford County lawyer said, “Don’t worry, I can handle it, it’s only your first time Harford County DUI!”

First time Harford County DUI: What a Harford County DUI lawyer does?

Why should I pay for a Harford County lawyer – Can’t I represent myself for a first time Harford County DUI?

You can, but it is an extremely bad and dangerous idea. A Harford County DUI lawyer evaluates the evidence, knows various treatment programs, helps you make an informed decision about trial issues, and most importantly knows the judge (not in the golf-buddy sense, but in the sense that a Harford County DUI lawyer will know the judges tendencies in a particular case and will help you avoid judicial pitfalls). Not every first time Harford County DUI is the same and you need an experienced lawyer who knows the nuances of Harford County DUI laws to combat the State’s Attorney. If you head to court Pro Se (representing yourself), you are facing an experienced Harford County lawyer (the Assistant State’s Attorney) on the other side of the table who knows the rules of evidence, went to law school, and while they might be young, has probably prosecuted and prepared hundreds of Harford County DUI cases. These factors don’t even begin to contemplate the MVA administrative hearing process.

You can’t just follow the yellow brick road and get home for your first time Maryland DUI

First time Harford County DUI: Why hire a Harford County DUI lawyer instead of your general practitioner?

My family’s lawyer quoted me $500 for my first time Harford County DUI, why shouldn’t I hire him/her?

While any Harford County lawyer will do a wonderful job representing you in 80% of first time Harford County DUI cases, if you have followed our blog you know that DUI is an area of the law that is complex and there are numerous technical areas where the State can slip (often to your benefit). See here, here, and here for examples. If you haven’t hired an experienced Harford County DUI lawyer, you might miss an opportunity to knock that case down to a moving violation, or to a lower charge (from “the A” to a “B” violation). While these differences seem small, it adds up and is the difference between, Zero points, 8 points, and 12 points on your driving record, plus any administrative sanctions a good Maryland DUI lawyer can avoid. DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THE CHANCE?