First time Harford County DUI: Am I guaranteed a PBJ?

July 3, 2012 No Comments by admin

My friend got a Harford County DUI, and he said a first time Harford County DUI offender is guaranteed a PBJ?

Yes, many first time Harford County DUI offenders do ultimately get PBJ‘s (Probation before judgment). However, this is far from guaranteed. Here are some factors that will play into you obtaining a PBJ for a first time Harford County DUI:

Location of the offense (Harford County does NOT give away Probation Before Judgment on Harford County DUI cases)

The judge – there is a Baltimore City judge who does not give Probation before Judgment for any offender with a refusal or a high BAC as a blanket rule.

The nature of the offense (high BAC, accidnet, other prior criminal history, prior history of moving violations (speeding tickets, etc)

Have you done any alcohol rehab? Having the “complete package” for the judge is important, because the judge wants to see effort that you won’t reoffend, if the judge offers you a PBJ.

In addition to the above factors, don’t you want to hire a Harford County lawyer that won’t just settle for a PBJ but rather fight for a dismissal of the charges if there are valid technical reasons for it? Regardless, there is no one particular factor guarantees a first time Harford County DUI offender a PBJ. But hiring a Harford County DUI lawyer that will put you in the best possible position to obtain that Probation.

Having an accident on a first time Maryland DUI is a big factor against a PBJ for many judges, which is why it’s important to hire a lawyer who is familiar with judges and judicial tendencies judgment is a good first step.

First time Harford County DUI: If I’m not guaranteed a PBJ, am I going to jail?

My lawyer told me I could go to jail if I don’t hire him, even for a first time Harford County DUI, is that true?

While it’s possible to go to jail for a first time Harford County DUI, it is unlikely that a first time Harford County DUI offender will receive jail time. We have heard stories of a Harford County DUI lawyer telling clients they will go to jail if they don’t hire that particular lawyer. That’s ethically and morally wrong. That being said, the consequences NOT INCLUDING jail time are great, like insurance increases, loss of driver’s license, having a criminal history FOREVER, fines, costs, and probation. With that being said, it is possible to end up in cuffs for a first time Maryland DUI. There are a couple factors that go into that equation to consider:

  • Was there an accident? Did the accident have injuries?
  • What jurisdiction/judge is the case in front of? Some judges give jail time in exchange for PBJ‘s for “bad” first time Harford
  • County DUI offenses (which might be a good trade off, depending on the case). Some judges just like to send people to jail.
  • Do you have any prior traffic and/or criminal offenses besides your first time Harford County DUI?

First time Harford County DUI: The bottom line

There is no bright-line rule for first time Harford County DUI offenses. The bottom line is that you should to find yourself a Maryland DUI lawyer who has experience both prosecuting and defending hundreds of Maryland DUI cases. If it is not us, please don’t make the mistakes of hiring any old Maryland lawyer who says they can represent you for $500 (you get what you pay for). Even worse, please don’t try to represent yourself, it’s a one-way ticket to trouble. Don’t take a chance, if you do find yourself charged with a first time Harford County DUI (or second, third or fourth for that matter), please put us on speed dial and call your favorite ENlawyers.